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Hotel’s Expense a lot on attracting new guest. While growing customer base is important for the business in other hand it is critical to maintain the existing guest relationship. Hotel revenue can be boosted up by keeping key information on the likes / dislike of existing customer so that they can target with most appropriate sales & promotions.

Infinite’s Hotel Management System provides one window for all guest information such as its Room preference, Personal Information, Important dates, its history of stay and likes / dislikes.

Success of a business most depends on its integration among the departments. A hotel where information related to guest is smoothly passed among its departments on real-time has better guest relation and earn high value on guest service which has direct impact on Revenue generation

Infinite’s Hotel Software is a server based centric database system which provides real-time information on guest services such as Laundry, Restaurant Outlet, Bar, SPA & GYM and others.

Infinites’ Hotel Management Software is designed to suite any Type & Size of Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, and Holyday Homes.