Internet Reservation

IHMS Reservation packs in many features each designed to make your life as a hotel owner and operator so much easier. Whether you are single location hotel owner or part of a major chain of properties, you need an online hotel reservation system that is user friendly. If you can find one with multi-language support and online technical back-up, it would be a match made in heaven. With IHMS Reservation, you get all of these and much more.

Perhaps the biggest feature of IHMS Reservation is its ability to integrate into any website created on any programming platform, and take on the same look and feel as your actual website. Developed keeping in mind the special requirements of online hotel bookings, this web-based reservation engine lets you reap maximum benefits from your hotel’s website. As Website Administration and Manager, you can use IHMS Reservation to micro manage all room reservations and availability.

Here are some of the unique and powerful features of IHMS Reservation:

Channel Management: With IHMS Reservation you only have to login to one site for all other hotel booking channel website updates, this saves you the hassle of multiple logins and hours of time spent updating sites separately. You have to make changes only on IHMS Reservation and IHMS Reservation will update all the required information on all of your portals.

Online Bookings: Property / Hotel can have benefit to get online bookings form specific website of Hotels and property. This booking will be available based on real time inventory and rates for all individual rooms / suits available in property.

Look & feel: The Reservation Web Page will be a part of IHMS Reservation but will still have the same look and feel as the remainder of your website. So customers will not feel that they have gone to a third party website or software to get their bookings.

CRS system: CRS stands for Centralized Reservation System, which is a special module of IHMS Reservation developed for multiple properties. It collates the reservation and occupancy information of all your properties into a central control centre for ease of maintenance and control. Real-time credit processing and inventory management lets you take care of all your properties without having to go through the hassles of multiple programs.

Configure Room Types, Inventory, Rate & Amenities:IHMS Reservation makes it simple for you to do all of the following at the click of a mouse:

Create & modify the types of rooms available in your hotel and property.

Manage and set in real time, the number of rooms to be made available and sold through website based reservation system.

Set different rates for different seasons via the Seasonal Rate feature.

Decide which amenities to be made available for which room and at what rate.

Check and manage the occupancy rate in real time to ensure there is no double booking.

Real Time Bookings with Multiple Payment Options:With IHMS Reservation, your guests do not need to wait to talk to a Reservation Executive for their bookings. They can book their rooms in real time online via your website. With integrated multiple payment gateways, customers can also take their pick of the payment method they prefer to use for making payment towards their rooms.

Commission Free Unlimited Reservations: The best aspect of IHMS Reservation is that as a hotel owner, you will no longer have to pay commissions to travel agents or other middlemen. The system is fully commission free so you can get maximum ROI.

Integration with IHMS Front Office: IHMS Reservation is fully compatible with and can be easily integrated into IHMS Front Office the path-breaking property management system from Infinite Techpark Pvt. Ltd.