Why !Hotel Management Software

Guest Management

IHMS enable you to keep track of guest likes, preferences & spending behaviour which help you to analysis and plan your offerings at your hotel.

Invoice & statements

!HMS allows you to manage folio, billing, group invoices of guest as well as corporate accounts. View, splits, generate invoices and statements on a single click.

Professional Report

!HMS gives you classified reports for owner, general manager and front office manager. This help to manage property and take decision that what you need and when you need it.

Less Traning

!HMS is designed in such a way that learning the hotel management system is quite easier and user-friendly. !HMS training manual and video along with complete support helps user in easy going.

Infinite Hotel Management Software

Infinite’s Hotel Management System provides one window for all guest information such as its Room preference, Personal Information, Important dates, its history of stay and likes / dislikes.

Infinite Point of Sale Restaurant

Infinite’s POS is best suited for small and medium level restaurant, Bar, Lounge and fast food corner. We believe, IPOS system is most user friendly, easy to use and reliable software which designed keeping you need in mind. This feature make it exactly how you want it to be.

Inventory & Recipe Management

Material Management is crucial in making your hospitality business successful. It helps in to be aware of what is needed and by whom it is needed in real time. Hotels & Restaurants have products with expiry dates, timely procurement plan and accurate information on raw material consumption helps in un-necessary procurement investments and saves your revenue.

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